Zen relaxation – Relaxing Music – Ayurveda, Qigong, Tai-Chi, Yoga, Reiki, SPA

The Most Beautiful Relaxing Music.
Music: "Zen relaxation" – Full Album © http://www.vtm-stein.de
This album contains modern relaxation compositions which orientate themselves by the timeless values of the Zen philosophy. The highly imaginative arrangements connect typical sound elements of Asian meditation music with the melodic melodies and floating harmonies of western wellness music. Also without meditative experience you can experience − according to the Zen apprenticeship − deliberate moments of internal rest and bring body and mind increasingly in harmony. In addition, the compositions are an ideal background music for different meditation technologies – as for example Ayurveda, Qigong, Tai-Chi, yoga or Reiki.

– Degradation of everyday and professional stress
– Generating a tranquil atmosphere pleasurable and stimulating
positive mood
– Increasing concentration and performance
– Promote calmness and prudence when driving
– Get rid of fear and gain peace of mind in the doctor's office or
clinic ( Waiting room, treatment, surgery )
– Acceleration of regeneration and recovery
– Deepening relaxation during physiotherapeutic applications
(eg massage)
– Calming overactive or aggressive children
– Popular supplement cosmetic treatments
– Ambient music for hotels, restaurants (GEMA-free)
– Ideal Wellness Music for Wellness and Spa

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Title: "Zen relaxation" ( FULL ALBUM CD Zen relaxation)
44:40 long © by Arnd Stein at www.vtm-stein.de

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Dieses Video enthält Musik aus der CD Zen relaxation
von Dr. Arnd Stein © www.vtm-stein.de.
Diese Musik wird mit Genehmigung verwendet
unter Lizenz.

This video contains music from the CD Zen relaxation
by Dr. Arnd Stein © www.vtm-stein.de.
This music is being used with permission
under license.

Track List:
1. Wisdom of Life 9:34
2. Beyond the Horizon 9:26
3. Open Mind 8:54
4. Energy of the Universe 8:53
5. Timeless Space 7:55

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