Infinity Quantum Qi Gong Presentation, Ama Lia Wai Ching Lee

Infinity Quantum Qi Gong Is a set of simple yet profoundly accelerated techniques that enhance self-awareness and self –healing on a multidimensional quantum level. It is an ancient spiritual art, synthesized with modern scientific knowledge.
The premise of this energy cultivation lies with Quantum Medicine and is a component of Vibrational Medicine.
This practice combines forms of breathwork, visualization and actualization of energy cultivation into noticeable somatic alignment and transformation.
This meditation in movement which recognizes that the body's qi or energy flows in waves, is based on the sacred geometry of the Infinity symbol, 8. The consciousness of this system accesses the intelligence of the DNA matrix.
The body is trained to connect to and receive the movement of these energy impulses. The focus is on the spine. It increases the vital life force in the meridians and energy matrix for cellular rejuvenation on a physical level and in the deep psyche.

The wavelike and linear forms of Infinity Quantum Qi Gong will
• increase the flexibility of the spine, torso and limbs
• release contracted physical, mental and emotional blockages
• balance hormonal functioning
• lengthen musculature and fascia
• strengthen the spine and somatic core
• enhance the flow of the cerebro -spinal fluids
• improve circulation
• aid in lymphatic drainage
• emotional release and mental clarity
• development of psychic gifts and abilities